B20_new concepts

In the past 2 months, I’ve re-worked this old concept:


I removed the seconds to get a square display:

B20_V2_4 styles

This version would be e-paper & give these advantages:

– black text or white text
– reading as columns (shown) or rows (not shown)
– rows would be hour on top & minutes under (swap the top right box with the bottom left box)

I had the row reading & e-paper ideas after working on this 2nd version:

B20_V3_4 styles

Then, I’ve worked on sketches for a clock version. It gave me a new idea for a watch. This watch combines 5 displays/reading methods:

display op 1display op 2display op 3display op 4display op 5

The time can be switched between the 12 & 24 hours formats!

Then, I’ve worked on the rest of the watch:

– the band face would be like the “satellite X” watch by Tokyoflash (it’s inspiration). However, I would prefer to use metal embossed band/strap (see this Nekura)

– the grid effect would continue as lines drawn over/under the lens.

– the sides of the lens would be curved, like 1/4 of a cylinder.

The reading follow the Mayan Numeral system:

If present, a single digit is multiplied by 20.
Then the dual-digits value is added.

If the time is 19 or under, there’s no 0 as a single digit & the “+” sign doesn’t appear. However, 00 appear & anything between 1-9 are 01-09. Also, the “+” sign doesn’t appear after the A (AM), P (PM) or d (date).

I did 4 examples using the 1st reading option, which is my favorite.

ex 1ex 2  ex 3 ex 4

I did 2 pictures with a more realistic lens:



The ideas behind this concept were:

– Using 12 dots for the Hour and 12 dots for the Months.
– Arranging them in a circle close to the edge of the case.
– The rest would use digits, placed close to the center.

I’ve used the top 50% dots for the Hour & bottom dots for the Month.
I chose to arrange the 6 digits in a “T” formation in the center:
M-S on top of the center line and the Date under.

Then, I thought that it would be nice to have the possibility to either show only the time, only the date or to show both at the same time.

This is why I did it in LED and added an extra button at 3 o’clock.
Pressing it show both the time and date.

Pressing the button over it show the time and pressing the button under it show the date.

I’ve place 2 buttons on the left. They are used to setup the time/date.

H only_d both on_dDate only_d

While drafting the basics ideas, I realized that there was 11 good displays. I chose to do a 3D model of my preferred and, after, I chose to share the others 10, which are under.









Vertical scale 2.0

A while ago, I did a concept nicknamed “vertical scale”. The display was considered good, but not the ’70 cases examples.

1st, a diagram explaining how to tell the time:

update 1_template

The “pm/alarm/date” always appear at the top. The 4 single minute are divided in 2 blocks on 1 line. That line always float over the 5 minutes segments that are on.

I’ve re-worked the case & band. I have 3 basic concepts with a few variations in each:

style 1:

The sides of the case have engraved lines.
Their amounts vary.
The band, or straps, are also engraved.
2 colors, or 1, can be used.

4 bands

4 straps

strap 3D

The buttons are hidden under the sides or fully integrated.

Style 2:

1/2 cylinders around the display.
The band can have 3 vertical 1/2 cylinders.
They can be connected at the top of the 1st link, on each side.

deco lines

Style 3:

Multiple segments per links.

XTAL_MARU in red-dark